How do I reconnect to QuickBooks

Steps you can take to reconnect QuickBooks and ChamberMaster.

This short video will walk you through the steps needed to reconnect QuickBooks and ChamberMaster using the CQI connection. I have also included the steps included in the video below.

1. Open ChamberMaster and QuickBooks on the computer on which CQI is installed. Be sure that QuickBooks is open to the Company file you have designated in ChamberMaster.

2. Right click on the CQI icon in the bottom right hand corner of your system tray and click Exit. Wait about 30 seconds before proceeding to the next step.

3. Go to your Windows Start button→ All Programs→ ChamberMaster, expand this folder and click the CQI icon. This will launch CQI and it should appear in your system tray (lower right hand corner of your screen). When the icon turns from Red to Green you are ready to proceed to the next step.

4. Right click on the CQI icon and left click on Settings . In the window that appears select File→Settings. Verify that the file path to your QB Company file in the top field is correct, and that your ChamberMaster login name and password are entered correctly. You will also want to verify that there is a check mark next to “Automatically start…”. Click Save.

5. After the time begins to show at the bottom of the screen, click File→Test QuickBooks Connection. You should receive a “Connected” message.

6. Click on File→Test ChamberMaster Connection. You should receive a “Test Successful” message.

7. Go into ChamberMaster and click on Setup→QuickBooks Connection Settings. On that screen you will need to click Test Connection. You should get a ‘Test Successful’ message.

8. You are now ready to sync information between ChamberMaster and QuickBooks.

If the steps listed above do not restore the connection please contact ChamberMaster Support for further troubleshooting steps.

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