New Email to Multiple Members

You do have the capability of sending email messages to all of your chamber members and/or representatives using ChamberMaster. This function is found by going to Communication in the navigation bar, and then choosing ‘New Email to Multiple Members’.

The next step is to choose who the communication is to go to. You will add the members or reps from this screen by clicking on the link that best describes who you are emailing to. For example, click on Add members by membership status to send to your active members. After marking they status of the members you want to contact, you will then click on ‘Continue’.

The window will refresh and show you the list of members you have chosen to contact. You will also want to remove members that do not have email addresses or those where the email is duplicated or invalid. After doing that, click on ‘Continue’.

The next screen is where you will compose your email message. When it is complete, you will click on ‘Send Email’. You can close this window after clicking on Send Email. If you left the check mark in the ‘Include carbon copy to sender’ box, the sender of the email will receive a copy of the email with an attachment that includes who received the email message. This distribution list is only seen by the sender of the email, no one else receives it.

The best place to learn the details of this feature is to click on ‘User Manuals’ in the left hand navigation bar and then look at the Correspondence Quick Guide. This guide will go in depth on the features available when sending email out of ChamberMaster.

If you have other questions, please feel free to call or email.

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