I'm getting an error when trying to do Journal Entry Exporting to QuickBooks

Confirm the following requirements are in place:

QuickBooks User will need to be in Single User mode as the Administrator. You will not be able to import the file otherwise.

The Company Name in QuickBooks must match the Company Name in ChamberMaster exactly.

If you receive an error due to mismatched company names, the journal entries up to that company will import until the point that it didn’t find a match for the individual customer.

When you get the error, click “OK” on the first error pop-up. Then on the second pop-up screen click “Cancel”. If you instead click continue, the journal entry will keep going possibly making it difficult to determine which customer didn’t get imported.

There are two ways to determine which member the report failed on.

Option 1: Go into “Other Names” and it may have imported the member in this location.

Option 2: In QuickBooks, go to Reports→ Accountant & Taxes→ Journal→ Enter in the run dates.

This will pull a list of all the journal entries. The last name on this list is where the journal entry failed.

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