I'd like to move from using CQI to ChamberMaster's Billing System.

Great! When you are ready to convert, please contact our Service Team to schedule. Please attend or view the recorded webinar on ChamberMaster Billing before your conversion date.

At the time of the conversion, you will need to ensure both CQI and QuickBooks are open and running while we complete the conversion for you.

As part of this process, we will import your transaction history.
- Invoice- paid and open
- Receipts
- Credits – applied and unapplied
- Voided invoices- will have a $0.00 for both amount and balance and are marked as paid.
- Discounts (many use this for write offs)

We will also import your Chart of Accounts, Transaction Classes, Sales Tax items and Fee Items.

Common questions:
Q: Should I clean up my customer list first in QB? How does the script match up names?
A: Not needed. Since the import is only being done for those with an existing CQI connection, the import will only bring in the names/info of those that it associates with in CM.

Q: Does the Billing rep in QB import into CM Billing as the rep?
A: No, but not needed. Existing CQI customers will already have the billing rep specified in CM.

Q: Imported Open invoices – can they be marked as paid in QBs?
A: You will need to mark them as paid in QB’s once the payment comes in. Since you are no longer using the CQI connection, open invoices will manually need to be marked as paid. If using the Journal Entry export, a payment will be made as a Journal Entry, but not directly to the invoice so that the invoice would still show as open until you marked it as paid.

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